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SpeakEzi Workflow Solutions

Reclaim Your Life One Moment at a Time

  • If you don't record it - You can't bill it
  • If you don't record it - You won't remember it
  • If you don't record it - It didn't happen

Immediate Productivity Improvement

If you are done with clunky and inacurate speech to text add-ons then it is time to work smarter with SpeakEzi.

SpeakEzi is a full speech to text workflow solution for email, sms, journal, log, critical decisions, surveys and auto document generation with facilities for creation of decision models and multi-field document templates.

Web Dashboard

Speak into your SpeakEzi mobile application while you are on the go and extract reports as formatted Microsoft Word document from the SpeakEzi web dashboard back at the office at the end of the day. Eliminate that grueling hour at end of the day hunched over the computer trying in vain to remember the activities, discussions and decisions you made through the day as you struggle to write that report.

Recognise the Benefits

  • Search log and journal entries by category, keywords, tags, and dates
  • View journal and log entries (text and images) including time and map with location
  • Download or view documents
  • Listen to recordings as individual sentences or composite recordings (or auto-delete for privacy)
  • Upload decision models and document templates
  • Access the public decision making library - Learn from those that have gone before you
  • Use the data repository for auditing and compliance

If you recognise the benefits that SpeakEzi offers then try it today, obligation free.

How Much is One Hour a Day Worth to You?

Save up to an hour each day by reducing time wasted sending emails and writing reports. After the one month trial period, reclaim just one hour on one day and you will have paid for your monthly subscription.

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